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Wishing Well: Water for the World empowers communities to transform their world by bringing clean water to those in need.

We are a movement of college students, high schools, and churches using creativity to change hearts and transform the world. 



Unclean water accounts for 80% of the disease in our world. Lack of access to water robs children of 447 million days of school every year. In a world of progress, almost a billion people still lack access to something most take for granted.

The money we raise for water is sent out to development partners using cutting edge techniques and sustainable community centered practice. With our help they have been able to give water to thousands of people in ten different countries. 



Wishing Well's main function is to inspire a radical new belief in the coming generations: that the world water crisis can be ended in our lifetime and we are the ones who must end it. 

 We need you to join a movement of students, colleges, professionals, parents, and grandparents who are using their ideas and creativity to bring an end to the water crisis. We want more than your money. We want you.

The world only changes when we believe it can be changed. 

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