Why you should give:

Imagine, for even a moment, what your life would look like without clean water. You, your friends, and your family would be constantly ill, constantly exhausted. There would be little to no hope of advancing any dream or career. Some of you might even die. Now flip the equation. Most of us live incredible lives filled with seemingly endless potential. In both scenarios, water is second only to air in terms of necessity.

If we believe in the value of saving lives, lets begin to believe in the value of the lives we save. Investing in water is the first step to unlocking a better future for everyone. 


What makes us different:

We firmly believe that ending the water crisis is not only a matter of capital, but of cultural imagination and heart. The greatest resource our world has to offer is the creative capacity of its human inhabitants. If we want to change the world we should first endeavor to change minds.

The primary function of our orgnization is to engage students in world changing, water giving creative campaigns. We use the money you give to create life long activist in the next generation. Wishing Well's greatest strength is our ability to inspire and empower the youth of this nation.

We are too young to know that ending the world water crisis is impossible, so we will do it anyways. 

Laura Bush.png

Laura Bush, First Lady  May 2007

“…Clean water, it’s so simple.  It’s something all of us can do, even college students. We can go to a village and build a water well, and we know things are going to be better than they were.  So far, students (at Pepperdine University) have raised about $14,000 for Wishing Well. Your efforts have already helped put a clean-water pump in a rural town near Nairobi, and this summer, two more will be installed — another in Kenya, and one in The Gambia, near a World Bible School.  Because of your generosity, hundreds of children will have access to clean water — and the hope of good health.”