Rwandan Water Well Project

The Need

The small country of Rwanda is ranked the “9th Thirstiest Country in the World.”  In addition to the health crisis caused by unsafe water, the necessity of fetching water from remote sources prevents thousands of young children from attending school and having any hope of improving their lives.


Our Response

During the summer of 2014, several Rwandan Presidential Scholars from Oklahoma Christian University will work under the auspices of Wishing Well and ELERwanda, and in partnership with Water4, the Rwanda Ministries of Health and Infrastructure, the Virunga Rotary Club in Kigali, Oklahoma Christian University, and local Rwandan citizens to drill up to 15 water wells and conduct health and hygiene training in the neediest locations in Rwanda. 


How you can help

For $8 per person, we can drill a well that will typically serve up to 500 people.   Our fellow citizens, businesses, and civic clubs are helping raise $60,000 to dramatically impact the lives of 7,500 people.  Each well is about $4,000.

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Donate Now

You may contribute on line by clicking this link.